Registration SSH starts April 26!

Housing registration at SSH starts the 26th of April for UG and Hanze students.

If you are coming to Groningen for the first time, and you apply on time, you can rent one of the rooms the universities have reserved for new international students with SSH Student Housing. SSH is a non-profit housing corporation specialised in student accommodation, with furnished rooms available for a maximum of one year. You can choose from a single or double room or a studio, with prices currently ranging from €300 to €660 a month, including all utilities (rent, heating, electricity, furniture, and internet access). Make sure to check the website for the latest information on room pricing.

SSH Groningen is a non-profit housing corporation and acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for bachelor/master and exchange students. Hanze UAS and the University of Groningen reserve rooms for students at SSH, but the number of rooms available is limited.  So if you wish to rent your room through SSH, register and make your reservation on time.

On the following dates it is possible to register the SSH Groningen website and make a reservation:

Tuesday, 26 April 2022: the registration process starts for all BA/MA students of Hanze UAS and UG students.
Monday, 9th May 2022: the reservation process starts for all BA/MA students from the University of Groningen.
Wednesday, 11 May 2022: the reservation process starts for all BA/MA students from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.
Tuesday, 17 May 2022: the registration process starts for all EXCHANGE students from the Hanze UAS.
Monday, 23 May 2022: the reservation process starts for all EXCHANGE students from the Hanze UAS.
Thursday, 2 June 2022: the reservation process starts for all EXCHANGE students from the University of Groningen.

Please be advised that rooms are fully booked within a short period of time.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Once you have an offer from your University, you can register for accommodation at SSH. After you register, you will receive information from us about how to finalise your registration.
  2. You can start looking for a room on the SSH site and book it (it’s a fully automated process). During this process, you will automatically sign the rental agreement.
  3. After the booking is finalised, please pay the reservation fee and the first and last month’s rent within 24 hours using a MasterCard or Visa.

Please note that once you have reserved a room with SSH, you have a limited timeframe within which to cancel your reservation. Once the contract has started it can only be terminated prematurely in the case of specific personal circumstances. Details on cancellation options for an SSH rental contract can be found here.

For more information, make sure to check out the website of the University of Groningen or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Tips for finding accomodation.

Tip #1: Start your search well in advance
Groningen is a popular university city and the demand for student housing is very high. We advise you to start searching for a room as soon as you have received your letter of acceptance.

Tip #2: Use your network
Use your network to find accomodation. Friends, social media, online platforms. Get in touch with students who already live in Groningen. Contact agencies for rooms on the private market. Let everyone know you’re looking for housing in Groningen. Also see Tip #6

Tip #3: Don’t be too picky 
Of course you want a large room with private bathroom and kitchen five minutes by bike from Hanze UAS, preferably for around €200.- a month. But unfortunately this is not likely to happen. Our advice: don’t be too picky when it comes to the facilities and the pricing. The average room in Groningen has a rental price of €414,- per month.

Tip #4: Arrive early 
If possible arrive early in Groningen so you can personally contact agencies and attend group viewings. Dutch students organize group viewings when a room becomes available in their home. That way they can meet everyone in person and choose a new roommate.

Tip #5: Widen your search area
The Netherlands is a small country, so living outside of Groningen when you can’t find accommodation is a great alternative. For example, the cities of Assen (15 min. by train) or Leeuwarden (35 min. by train) are nearby.

Tip #6: Be persistent
Don’t give up too soon. It might take months to find a room.

Tip #7 Use your common sense
If you try to find housing on your own, please make sure to do this through official websites or companies that you can trace. Beware of fraudulent practices and scammers. Avoid identity theft: never send a copy of your passport to strangers. Do not send money without receiving a contract/lease. Do not transfer money, especially if the bank account is outside the Netherlands. If you are using social media to find housing, check the social media profile for any signs of the account being fake.