SSH Housing is open

​​​​​​​Are you planning to study at Hanze UAS or at the University of Groningen? Great! We hope you will have a wonderful time in Groningen. Speaking of which: if you want to live in Groningen, you should start looking for a room as soon as possible! Even during the corona pandemic this is highly recommended.

SSH Registration is open!

In the Netherlands universities do not provide the student accomodation. Both Universities reserve limited accommodation with housing providers with the SSH, and we can divert you to the private market.


The SSH registration of eligible students for the SUMMER SEMESTER is open. From Monday November 1st students can book a room.

If you are not eligible for accomodation at SSH, make sure to check out the available housing on our platform.

Of course, we are here for you to support and help with advice. Please play the video and check our list of suggestions in the section below. If you have any more questions about housing or are experiencing problems with finding accommodation, you can contact our Housing Team by email at: