Finding a home

​​​​​Finding a room or house in Groningen may prove hard if you start too late. So if you want to be sure you get a room that suits your wishes, we advise you to start as soon as possible. Our advice is to start at least three months before you come to Groningen. On this page we give you some possibilities.

News has a roomfinder service available now.
This service is intended for international students looking for a room at the start of the ’18-’19 academic year as well as for landlords who have room(s) available 
You will be able to search for a room by selecting your own range of preferences.
After you fill out your preferences you’ll find a selection. When selecting a room the option become a member now for free appears. Here you can register and afterward you’ll be able to send a rent request or ask for more information. It is worth knowing that you can send only one rental request at a time and once selected, a room will be unavailable to others for 48 hours. The landlord has also to reply within 48 hours. If not, or if you do not come to an agreement with the landlord, you will be able to make a new rental request.
In the upcoming days and weeks, more rooms will become available in this portal.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is updated regularly and we endeavor to ensure that all information is correct.  If there is a noticeable error or a functional anomaly; please notify us

Housing situation in Groningen

Apply for accommodation on time! In the Netherlands, the organization of student accommodation differs from that in many other countries. Students are expected to find their own
accommodation on the private market.​ In Groningen, the best student city of the Netherlands, finding accommodation can be quite challenging. Therefore, we would like to urge you to take the responsibility for finding accommodation independently to ensure you find the most suitable option for yourself on time. From early July, we will publish available rooms for international students via a special supply and demand module at this website.

SSH acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for international students. SSH rooms for university students are almost fully booked now. Students of Hanze UAS can still register. For more information about specific registration rules visit

The Hanze UAS will start approving registrations from European students on Monday 2 July. After approval you can make a reservation on one of the remaining rooms.

Read the full procedure first before registering. ​

SSH, International Student Houses in Groningen

International students due to study at the University of Groningen or at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (Hanze UAS) in Groningen can apply for furnished accommodation through SSH, a non-profit organisation that acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for international students. You can register at SSH as soon as you have received your (provisional) letter of acceptance.
SSH has several international student houses with furnished rooms, most of them with shared facilities. In each student house, there will be a (Dutch) residence assistant. He or she is your first contact before you arrive in your room and will welcome you to the building as soon as you arrive. Most of them will live in the same house as you are living in. You can rent a room in an international student house for the maximum period of 12 months.  After this period, you have to find a room yourself.

For the next academic year (2018-2019) SSH will accept booking requests from:

7 May 2018, for students of Hanze University of Applied Sciences 

15 May 2018, for students of the University of Groningen

Before you can apply for a room you have to register at SSH. Please note that you do not have to fill out your student number when registering at SSH; you can leave this field open. The Housing Manager of Hanze UAS or the University of Groningen will be asked to approve your registration. He or she approves on the condition that you are a new student, and that you are either accepted or provisionally accepted.  After this approval, you will be able to book a room.


The Student Hotel 

Students can book a fully furnished room in The Student Hotel, which is situated in the city centre of Groningen. The room includes an en-suite private bathroom, tv and free wifi, access to all the facilities (study room, lounge/games areas, on-site Gym and laundry) and has the most international community of Groningen!

Facility at Van Swietenlaan

From the middle of Januariy 2018, the student rooms in the building at Van Swietenlaan 23 (south-west part of the city, near Martini Hospital) will be managed by SSH. This means that the rooms at this location can be reserved through the SSH website by exchange students of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. The rental period will be from 1 February 2018 up to and including 30 June 2018.

You can now book this location on the SSH website (live 10 January 2018).

Only a limited number of rooms will be available, thus it is important to reserve your room now, if desired!

Xior studios on Oosterhamrikkade

From May 2018, 180 Xior (independent) studios will be ready for rental on Oosterhamrikkade 103-107 in Groningen.

The studios will be delivered with a laminate floor, floor heating, curtains, lighting, television and intercom, private bathroom (shower, sink, toilet and washing machine), and private kitchen with cupboards, counter top, electric stove, exhaust hood and sink, microwave on a separate wooden trolley.

The studios will be furnished with a bed (120×200 cm) with 2 drawers and mattress, mattress pad, clothing closet, desk with 2 drawers and desk chair. They will also have wifi, electronic locks and energy meters.

The building will have a common study room and bike storage, and two lifts as well as stairs. Parking place can also be rented. A concierge will be present several times per week.

You can contact this email address to register:

Housing corporations

There are four official housing corporations offering both private and shared housing in Groningen. They concern themselves with social housing & affordable living for everybody. Their practices and prices are not solely motivated by profit and they are considered social organizations. The local four are Lefier, Nijestee, De Huismeesters and Patrimonium. These corporations act as mediators between landlords and tenants, and facilitate the needs of both.

You can sign in for the corporation via Woningnet. You will pay annually € 20,65 for the account. Once you have signed in you can see the house offers of all four corporations. The corporations work with a point system, the more points you have the higher the chances are of you finding a place. On Woningnet you get 1 point a month. Normally if you want a room or a studio you have to need around the 20/30 points (2-2,5 years).

If you are specifically looking for student rooms, you can also just sign in on the website of Lefier. You will have to pay one time € 30 for your account. You can register from age 16 till age 30. At Lefier there is also a point system, where you will get 1 point per month. Lefier has three buildings in which many internationals live, where you need fewer points than other rooms or studio’s. Be aware that if you want this, you should already register before your arrival in Groningen.

Important to know: the corporations can only house people with low incomes. If you want to rent a room, studio or apartment your annual income cannot be higher than € 36.165.

Estate agencies

Another potential starting point are traditional housing agencies and estate agents. Many apartments that are rented out to expats or students are found via agencies. They are able to offer many different options, and have helpful staff and can give advice on anything regarding housing. Sometimes you have to pay the agency before you can see their offer.

If you decide to go with an agency you must be careful with the costs. In recent years, there have been significant changes to Dutch law in regards to agency services and fees. Many tenants paid a fee to an agent that, according Dutch law, is not permitted in most cases. The case where it is permitted is when you ask the agency for a search request. In that case the agency can bring in costs for the effort they made in finding accommodation for you. In most cases, this is one month’s rent + 21% tax.

There are a number of agencies that list rental housing on the internet. We have included a number of them below for your convenience. Beware that many agents get so many requests by email that they may not answer you.

Try this list (All in English): Rotsvast, 123 Wonen, Student Stay, DC Wonen, Van der Meulen and Noorderlijk Woningvastgoed.

Comparison sites and only student accommodation

Some websites give overviews of the properties currently available to rent, displaying properties offered by landlords and estate agents. You can use these websites to get a general idea of the rental market, and get a good picture of the types of accommodation and locations available to you in Groningen. These sites are free of charge, athough it is important to note that some estate agencies do not consent to their properties being listed so these sites do not incorporate all the possible options available. Try one of these sites: Funda, Pararius, and Direct Wonen.

There are also a number of websites that specialise in student accommodation. You can find rooms that are currently being offered, or you can place an ad (sometime for free) regarding your needs for a room. Try one of these sites: Kamernet, and Woning Target.

Social Media

Social media can be a useful tool to stay informed about housing in Groningen. It may be necessary for you to share accommodation in order to cut costs and social media can help you meet like-minded people in a similar situation. Furthermore, numerous online pages exist with the sole purpose of providing a platform for students looking for help and advice. However, renting accommodation through Facebook or other sites can be a risk! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a matter of fraud. So please check out the person and the address, and do not pay large amounts of money in advance, especially not into bank accounts outside the Netherlands.  Try the following Facebook groups: I need a room! Groningen, Free housing announcements in Groningen Rooms / Housing / Kamers Groningen and Roommate Groningen.

You can also visit the following Facebook page of the University of Groningen. This page gives some new possibilities. 

Temporary residence (short stay)

In case you need a temporary solution before you can enter your room, or you have not been able to find a room at all, you may want to stay in a youth hostel or other solution for a while.



There are thousands of holiday rentals at your fingertips. HomeToGo is the world’s largest search engine for holiday homes, apartments, villas and cottages. They offer the widest collection of the most popular providers of holiday rentals. Are you coming to Groningen and haven’t found accommodation yet? Find a temporary place to stay at:

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Before signing a contract

When looking for a place, it is important to keep in mind the following points:

  • In the summer months and at the beginning of the Academic year there are a lot of students trying to find accommodation so it is wise to start looking for a room early.
  • If you try to find housing on your own, please make sure to do this through official websites or companies that you can trace.
  • A rent that is too low for the location or type of housing, or that has unrecognizable pictures of the location may indicate fraudulent practices.
  • Do not pay anything before you have checked out the landlord and made clear agreements in writing.
  • Do not pay large amounts of money into bank accounts outside the Netherlands.
  • Always ask for a payment receipt.
  • If you have the opportunity for a viewing, try not to go alone (preferably bring a local)
  • Avoid identity theft, never send a copy of your passport to strangers. If you have checked out the landlord and must send a copy of your passport, first copy it yourself, write on the paper copy over the passport “Copy – Only for purposes of ID for renting (insert address)”.
  • Is your rent inclusive/exclusive services, such as gas, water, electricity, internet, garbage and water tax?
  • Can you register at the municipality of Groningen at this address?
  • Are there flooring, curtains, and ceiling lights in your room? (yes, this is a normal question)
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What is the smoking policy?

Go check the avoid fraud and house scams page to learn more about avoiding scams!