Housing in Groningen

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Can I live on the campus

Groningen doesn’t have a student campus like many other city’s have. Students live in student houses in the city center or around the city center.

More information about the campus can be found here.

Does the university have their own dorms?

No, the RUG and Hanze have no dorms. Students have to find their own accommodation. For internationals, there is also the SSH. They provide accommodations for internationals only.

More information can be found here.

When should I start looking for a house or room?

You should start looking for accommodation months before you arrive, preferably 3-4 months. Even for Dutch students, it can be really hard to find a room or house.

More information can be found here.

Is it allowed to have visitors in my room?

Of course! It’s normal to have friends over, but if they want to sleep over you should always ask your roommates if that is okay. If your friends want to stay longer than one night, you should also ask you landord for permission.

What do I have to pay for a room or a house?

It really depends on what kind of room you have. It depends on the size, the location, the quality, and the landlord. For a room, you’ll pay between 200-450 euros. For a studio you’ll pay between 400-700 euros. For a 2 bedroom apartment, you’ll pay between 600-1000 euros.

When do I have to pay the rent?

It depends on what is stated in your rental contract. Normally, you have to pay your rent for the next month at the end of the current month. For example, for the month of November, you would pay between 24 and 31 October.

Are utilities included in the rent?

If you rent a room, it’s normal that the utilities are included. For an apartment, it depends on the landlord. You should ask your landlord about this

Are pets allowed in my house / my room?

Normally pets are not allowed. You should discuss this with your landlord if it is possible to have a pet in your room or apartment.

Can I rent a furnished room?

It is possible, but it depends on if your room of apartment is offered furnished. If you search online, you will always see in the header or information if the room is furnished or not.

Where can I start searching for a room / house?

There are a lot of websites and rental companies where you can find rooms and apartments. Under Finding a home, you’ll find a list of the most used websites and a lot of rental offices.

How do I know when someone scams me?

There are unfortunately a lot of ways to be scammed. You should be really careful if you find accommodation online. Never pay if you haven’t signed a contract or received a key. We have a full page with info about potential scams and ways to avoid being a victim! (See How to avoid scamming)

What is a BSN and do I need one?

A BSN-number is your personal number in the Netherlands. You need this number f.i. to open a Dutch bankaccount. More information can be found on Address registration

Why do I need to register with the Municipality?

More information about registering can be found on Address registration

Can I register for my family with the Municipality?

More information about registering can be found on Address registration

How long will it take to receive my BSN?

More information about a BSN can be found on Address registration

Law and Financial Matters

Is my rental contract going to be in English or in Dutch?

It depends on your landlord or real estate company if you will receive an English or a Dutch contract. If you get a Dutch contract, you can always ask if you can get one in English. If that is not possible, you should ask a Dutch friend or colleague to read it before signing it!

What are the most common issues I can face while renting a place?

There are a number of difficulties that may be encountered when looking for a new place. We have listed a number of them in this link Possible problems with renting

Where can I get assistance in case I face issues with renting?

There are several places where you can obtain legal advice if you encounter problems with your rental landlord. Some of the problems these services can advise on include: paying too much rent or service costs, not getting your deposit back and several other issues.

More information on Possible problems with renting