Housing in Groningen


The Netherlands has its own rules and regulations to housing and will differ significantly from that in many other countries. First of all, your university does not have the obligation nor the duty to provide accommodation to its students of staff. Dutch universities have the task to educate and to do research, not to house people. Also the (national of local) government does not have the task to house its citizens. They will exert a responsibility for a housing policy. As a result finding housing is primarily your own responsibility, but you can use the offer from housing corporations or by private parties. This site informs you about the procedures and pitfalls.

People in the Netherlands and also in Groningen either live in a house they own themselves or in a house or room owned by another party. Most people with a temporary period of stay (longer than in a hotel) will live in accommodation owned by someone else. In general ownership of accommodation can take one of the next forms:

  • A housing corporation. Groningen has several housing corporations with the task to provide housing to people with low incomes. Housing corporations are non-profit organisations operating under strict governmental rules. In Groningen the main housing corporations for students are SSH, Lefier and Nijestee.


  • Private housing or room companies. Private persons or organisations may start a company to rent houses or rooms to other people. Providing accommodation is their type of business. A wide range of private companies exist, with very varying practices and quality of accommodation.


  • Private persons. Some private persons may have a house or room for rent, but not as a business of their own. For instance a student or a staff member who goes abroad may have a room or house to offer for a certain time. Also some people have rooms for rent in their own house or in a second house they own.