Housing prices

The housing market in Groningen is very tight, is may lead to expensive housing. Make sure to take this into account when you are planning on coming to Groningen.

Prices of rooms and housing

Compared to some other European countries, the rental prices in the Netherlands are not subsidized by the government. The price for renting a room is between 500 and 800 euros a month. Rooms with private facilities are usually more expensive. The price depends on different factors, such as the size of the room, location, and the condition and services of the room (like parking opportunities).

Rental agreement

You have to pay the rent one month in advance. The duration of a rental agreements vary from five to twelve months for short-stay contracts. Termination of the rental agreement usually requires one month’s written notice for the tenant and three month’s notice for the landlord. Short-stay contracts can not be terminated before the end date.

Ordinarily, utilities are not included in the rent (except for short-stay contracts). In case you have a room with shared facilities, costs such as water and garbage are usually included in the rent.

If the estate agent is only working for you (such as searching for a suitable home, house viewings, contract negotiation, and paperwork), the usual fee for the rental agency’s service is the amount of one month’s rent plus 21% tax. In addition, you may have to pay an administration fee. Usually, you have to pay a deposit of a month as well, which is returned after a satisfactory inspection of the home upon leaving.


‘Hospiteren’ is a typical Dutch practice for obtaining a room in a student house. It is an introduction to roommates or the landlord. There are usually several candidates at the same time. Make sure you are on time, make a good impression, and ask questions to your future housemates to show your genuine interest.

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