Hospiteren (solicite for a room)

What is it?

Hospiteren also known as a ''viewing evening'' or consent in a student house. It is an introduction to the 'future' housemates or the landlord. What should you pay attention to? How can you make sure that you become the new roommate in this student house? We have put the following hospiteren tips, do's and don'ts in front of you.

Top 11 do's

Tip 1: Show the best “I” during hospiteren

Make clear where your interests lie and what you do in daily life. Of course, it’s important that you stay yourself – eventually, this will be your new housemates and you will of course feel at home.


Tip 2: Observe and consider yourself living here

It is an introduction and you must of course also see it to spend the day with these people. Think well what you want and whether it suits your needs. For example, if it is a student house that is doing many things together and often eating together, then this has to fit you. Otherwise, you soon become the outsider of the house and that is of course not the intention.


Tip 3: Make sure you are on time!

On a sunday evening you will be compared to other candidates. It’s so nice to not score very few points straight away because you’re late. Check in advance how long you are on your way and whether there are any delays in the public transport. In addition, timetables have been made for some hospiteren nights. When you arrive late, you have less time to leave a clear impression of yourself except you were late.


Tip 4: Prepare for the general questions

Actually, it’s a kind of job application that you need to tell about yourself in a short period of time. Prepare yourself for questions that are most likely to pass. Consider, for example, what study you are doing, what your interests are and what you do in the weekend.


Tip 5: Read the ad again

In the advertisement , the student house / landlord has provided information about the available room and the student house. Before you go to the hospiteer evening, read this again. Thus, you do not have to ask unnecessary questions and get better at points that are important to the roommates.


Tip 6: Leave an impression on everyone

A student house consists of several people who all have a voice in choosing a new roommate. It is important that when the housemates make a decision at the end of the evening all have an impression of you.


Tip 7: Try to suppress the nerves

Provide a relaxed look during the hospitable evening. Make eye contact when you talk to someone, so you get spontaneous.


Tip 8: Show interest from your side

As mentioned earlier, it is a mutual acquaintance. Ask questions by yourself! This way you will be interested and you can also find out if you want to live in this house.


Tip 9: Do not be afraid of nice, awkward questions

As you probably know, students are often asked to ask you how to respond to it. For example, if you would be a day of the week, what day would you be? A nonsense question but you can expect them. Perhaps an idea to review the “dillema on Tuesday” Facebook page.


Tip 10: Parents are not welcome

You are the one who has to live here and leave an impression. Going to rooms is a new start and independence is at the forefront. Whether this student house fits you and if you feel at home here you can decide yourself. Of course, your parents can be handy when you move.


Tip 11: Improve your hospiteren skills

If you have a bad luck and unfortunately weren’t shosen, ask why the decision has fallen on someone else. You may be able to consider this feedback at the next hospiteer invitation.

Top 4 dont's

Dont 1: Don’t bring parents. Never! When you go to rooms, you become independent. And your parents do not belong. Of course, once you have the room, they can come and see them, but leave them at the hospital evening outside.


Dont 2: Don’t say how often you’ve been rejected at other hospiteer evenings. Then they immediately wonder why that’s the case, so you’re right 1-0.


Dont 3: Don’t flirt with one of your future roommates. NO. A wink or compliment on the appearance will not bring you a room. Love within a student house is a no-go.


Dont 4: Don’t come too early or late. A hospiteer evening is a planned event. Exactly on time, therefore, is important because there is a high chance that a someone else will come before or after you. Otherwise you confuse the schedule and you can forget that room right away!


Keeping these tips in mind, you have a great room in a very nice house in the shortest time. Hospiteer them!