Rental contract

When you finally find a home you like, you must sign a rental agreement. Normally, it is done at the real estate agent, with the organisation, or directly with the landlord. All rental contracts are provided in Dutch. An English translation can be included, but it can only be used in combination with the original contract in Dutch. Only the Dutch version of the contract is considered to be legal and should be signed upon the agreement. You can find both Dutch and English versions of the contracts provided by the Real Estate Council (ROZ) at this link. Please be aware that landlords can insert rules in addition to the basic regulations provided by ROZ.

Rental contracts in the Netherlands

In general, rental contracts in the Netherlands should include:

  • Both your and your landlord’s name and signature.
  • An agreed monthly rent and method of payment.
  • An address and description of the place.
  • Starting and ending dates.
  • Specific house rules (pets, third party housing, smoking policy etc.).
  • Extra costs and/or utilities (energy (gas and electricity)waterInternetphone line etc.).
  • Landlord’s duties (maintenance, repairs etc.).
  • A notice period for terminating the contract.
  • An inventory list (if the apartment is furnished).
  • The date on which the rent will be increased each year.