On either side of the old Hereweg and south of the Rivierenbuurt and Herewegbuurt lies the district Helpman-Sterrebosbuurt. Helpman was originally a village beyond the edge of Groningen city limits but during the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was became a part of the city. Along the Hereweg, there was a vibrant retail trade and this still exists today. The residential portion of the most urban part of Helpman (the part closest to the Hereweg) is largely built after 1900 but before World War II. Except for a few streets, Helpman mostly offers traditional residences for the middle-class and higher and has very little houses owned by housing corporations.

Why Helpman-Sterrebosbuurt?

"Child-friendly neighbourhoods, quiet streets, very green, central shopping districts."


Student Hanze

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